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  • Mangosteen Extract



    The mangosteen is a tasty fruit native to the Southeast Asian countries, nicknamed "The Queen ofFruits" as one kind of tropic fruit. As one of nature’s greatest sources of xanthones, therind of mangosteen is home to the fruit’s highest xanthone concentration. A number of herbs and plants contain some xanthones,but none as robust in quantity and vibrancy as the fruit rind ofmangosteen. No other fruiteven comes close to it.
    Renowned in Asia as the most delicious ofall fruits, mangosteen is now available as a high-potency powdered extractstandardized by HPLC to mangostin, one of a family of active compounds in thefruit known as xanthones. Thisspecial kind of plant contains much valuable nutritional components andpossesses special bioactivities since its strong antioxidant ability. 


    Latin Name: Garcinia mangostana

    Extract method:Extracted from the Garcinia mangostana by solvent extracted.

    Appearance: Yellow crystalline powder 
    Specification: Alpha-Mangostin 10%,30%, 90%

    Active Ingredient: alpha-Mangostin.

    Molecular Structure: C24H26O6


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